Brief Explanation Of AFL Rules


If you’re a visitor to Australia, you will notice how enthusiastic AFL fans are. The locals love the sport and they are very engaged in watching it and playing. Children become interested in the sport from a young age. It is a sport that brings everyone together no matter what their differences are.
ustralians are interested in quite a lot of sports such as cricket, rugby and basketball but they have a special spot in their hearts for the AFL. It has first originated in Victoria and the sport has taken over the whole country with its passion. This article will provide a brief guide to AFL rules that will be helpful for a beginner to the sport. The field is quite big and it’s actually larger than 2 football fields. This is quite a lot of space for the players to run and manoeuvre.

Each team as 18 players and there are 4 additional players who will take over in case of an injury on the field or to keep the players refreshed all through the match. The game has 4 20-minute parts and each quarter of the game begins with the umpire bouncing the ball in the middle circle.

A goal is scored when the players kicks the ball between the 2 middle posts. But this has to be done without the ball being touched by another player. You can score a behind by kicking the ball between the inside and outside posts or if the ball hits the two taller posts or if the ball is carried by the player across the goal line. A goal is awarded 6 points and a behind is awarded 1 point.

Players move the ball around the field by kicking, runny and handballing. If a player catches a ball in the air which was kicked by a player of the same team, he is able to take a shot at the goal or kick the ball to a teammate. A player will be penalised if they don’t bounce and catch the ball when they are running with it every 15m. They can also kick or handball it to a teammate.

Many people get enamoured with the sport and they purchase from AFL team store. Supporting a team is known as barracking. You will find 18 AFL clubs in the country. The clubs all have their own mascot and a song. The song is played at the beginning of the match when the players run onto the field and it will be played again at the end of the match if the team wins. . This is a must attend event to any newcomer to Australia. You will be swept away by the passion of the crowd and you will find yourself quickly immersed in the game. To read more about AFL and  view merchandise please click here.